WhatsApp – Simple Hack (Verifying your phone number in WhatsApp)


While I was travelling outside UK and I was force to use a second cell phone, thus in order to use my what’app application I had to re-authenticate with What’App server. Instead of switching back and forth sim cards which I thought it was a bit of hassle (feeling a bit lazy), I was curious to discover to test the What’App verification process and how robust it was. I tried to find a quick way to hack through the automatic validation of my phone number and the current device using it.

How the verification process works?

Since your mobile number is used as a unique identifier (eg. username) for using the service, it is most preferable to keep the same number for your friends and acquaintances to contact you.

Photo : REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Photo : REUTERS/Dado Ruvic


It simply works by sending an sms message with a 6-digit temporary code on the user’s cellphone in the following form: “WhatsApp Code 123-456”

The process is automated which actually means the android application does not allow the user to enter the code manually but it detects it as it arrives in your inbox.

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